Solutions - Corporate, Private, Residential Segments

Solutions for Various Segments Corporate and Private Companies
Laurel Communication & Security Solutions provides various Solutions for Various Segments(Commercial, Industrial, Corporates, Residential, etc in different scenarios.

    Small to Medium Industries & Enterprises Segment
  • EPABX / IP-PBX :
    EPABX /IP- PBX is a product that is indispensable for any office, right from a proprietorship to a huge corporate company. EPABX/IP-PBX comes with different configurations to suit any number of extensions an office needs. It also comes with features such as Unlimited Auto Attendants, Unlimited Voicemail Boxes, Cell Phone integration, PA system, Remote Phones, etc
  • Access Control / Time Attendance / Standalone or Multi locations
                (Connecting all the Branches in anywhere India) :

    In these times of security assuming the position of a holy cow, it is essential for any company with even 50 employees to have these systems in place. This is not only for security purpose, but it also assumes the role of an accountant by automatically calculating the number of work hours or days an employee has put in for the month.
  • CCTV Camera / Analog / IP :
    Here again, one cannot emphasize the importance of a CCTV camera these days. In fact, it is even becoming mandatory for more and more companies to install these cameras for security purposes.
  • Fire Controls / Smoke Detector :
    These Fire Controls and Smoke Detectors are again, a part of the work environment safety and are mandatory for most big establishments and even small offices.
  • Conference Room Solutions :
    Audio Conference / Video Conference / Projectors with Motorized Screen, Panaboard / Interactive Board, Paging System - Amplifier / Speaker / Mikes: These equipments add to the ambience of a company. These are part and parcel of any modern office and have utility values for better communication, presentation and serves to boost the overall image of a company.
  • Networking System :
    Networking System these days cannot be a luxury for any office that means serious business. In fact, the dynamics of networking can help in smooth workflow management and also helps reduce employee fatigue.
  • Education Segment :
  • EPABX :
    There are many institutions these days spread over hundreds of acres and EPABX becomes the heart of all communication in such expansive areas. It helps in inter-departmental coordination and also helps the institution to work cohesively and seamlessly.
  • Access Control :
    Access Control in an educational institution is required for many reasons. One good reason is student movement in and out of an institution or a department within the institution needs to be monitored for attendance purposes and also to bring in a sense of discipline among the students.
  • CCTV :
    One cannot understate the value of CCTV to control ragging, eve-teasing, aggression and even controlling and monitoring discipline within institutions.
  • Audio- Video Conference System :
    The very presence of an Audio-Video Conference System in an educational institution is a Unique Selling Proposition for an institution these days. Any standard institution needs these equipments for their interactions with their tie-up partners or sister institutions abroad in a scenario of globalized education.
  • Public Addressing System :
    Public Address System is the life and soul of an educational system whether it be for day-to-day communication or for the various functions that need to be celebrated during a calendar year.
  • Banking Segment :
  • EPABX :
    EPABX in a zonal, regional, national or corporate office of a bank is truly a necessity which cannot be wished away
  • CCTV Camera :
    One cannot overlook the value of CCTV camera in various areas of a bank such as the local room, the lobby and even especially the ATMs which has seen a spate of crimes in recent times. CCTV in a bank helps identify criminals and also helps in surveillance of a bank more effectively.
  • Access Control :
    Access Control in banks help in easy accounting for salary calculation purpose and also helps to instill a sense of punctuality among the staff members
  • Burglar System :
    The importance of burglar alarm in a bank cannot be underrated. Burglar alarm is most useful during non-banking hours when most commercial localities look deserted.
  • Audio - Video Conference Systems :
    These systems are becoming more and more important for a globalized economy since many banks have their headquarters abroad and have to constantly be in touch with their counterparts abroad.
  • Beam Sensor :
    Many commercial banks deploy motion detection systems to help monitor vaults and secure areas in the bank. These alarm systems use the technology of motion activated sensors. If the motion activated sensor detects an intruder within a protected or secure area, an automatic alarm is sounded and law enforcement officials are notified.
  • Residential Segment :
  • EPABX :
    EPABX in high-end homes/apartments and gated communities are features that help to sell the apartment in the first place. It also gives an air of professionalism and class to have EPABX installed.
  • CCTV Camera :
    These recent times have seen a spate of attacks on the elderly, the lonely and the wealthy. The very sight of a CCTV camera will ward off intruders with ill intentions as they know that a CCTV camera most often provides the best clue about a theft or robbery.
  • Video Door Phone :
    Video Door Phone comes with various features such as remote control with image display which helps the owner of a house to identify the visitor from even his bedroom and act accordingly
  • Burglar Alarm Systems :
    Burglar Alarm System is a must for every house. This is an instrument that comes in handy especially when the residents of a house are physically not there. This raises an alarm in case of intruders in a way the entire neighborhood is alerted.
  • Beam Sensor :
    This motion activated technology helps in identifying movement at nights or when the residents of a house is not there.
  • Apartments :
  • Security Intercom Systems - (Voice/Video) :
    Intercom systems today a package deal for most gated communities. It helps to connect individual residents with the people at the security area.
  • CCTV Camera :
    During these times of frequent theft and burglary, a CCTV camera ensures that the culprit is kept at bay. In case of theft or burglary, it gives clear cue as who the thief was.