Service Support/AMC/Maintenance


LAUREL Communication & Security Solutions agrees to provide the following services under the agreement to keep the system in good working condition.

Proactive periodic preventive maintenance once in three months.


  • On call corrective and remedial maintenance service to set right the malfunction of the system and replacement of unserviceable parts within 3 hours from the time a defect or malfunction is reported by the Customer.
  • The unserviceable parts will either be replaced by identical new parts or of equivalent standards, which would ensure performance at the same level as new parts.
  • Whether a defective item or component is to be replaced or repaired shall be at the sole discretion of LAUREL Communication & Security Solutions.
  • LAUREL Communication & Security Solutions commits to resolve all the issues which are unresolved within 24 hours from the time it is reported by the Customer.
  • In the event of issues being unresolved within 24 hours resultingin disruption of service, LAUREL Communication & Security Solutions commits to provide a standby system until normalcy is restored.
  • In case of replacement of a part, the defective part/parts removed from the system will become the property of LAUREL Communication & Security Solutions.

About our Proactive Preventive Maintenance :
Our Team of well-trained service engineers offers the best solutions and services to our customers on time every time. We ensure a three-tier service system that ensures quality and timely service to our customers.

  • Tier - I (Warranty Service/AMC) : The first tier of engineers is totally dedicated to periodic maintenance as per warranty/guarantee terms or as per Annual Maintenance Contract conditions.
  • Tier - II (Proactive Preventive Maintenance (PPM)) : The second tier of service engineers are totally dedicated to Proactive Preventive Maintenance (PPM) which is unique to Laurel CSS and we promote this as our USP. This team of engineers provides preventive maintenance of certain parts based on a log book of spares and their expected lifespan of machines at individual customers. This methodology prevents most breakdown calls and there is none who can match this type of service commitment in this industry.
  • Tier - III (Special High Priority Service) : The third tier of service engineers are straight from our principals due to the high priority they place for our company and the rapport we have built with them for the last several years. This team of engineers carries great skills and expertise that can solve even irresolvable issues.

Is there then any wonder that Laurel CSS has more customers patronizing our service than those who initially bought equipments from us as per the market share survey report?

Customer Support Facilities :
Laurel CSS firmly believes in placing no restriction on when and how a customer should contact the service department of the company. Hence we have a dedicated phone line for each and every product by which our valuable customers can contact us on a 24X7 basis through voice support service. We also have a dedicated email ID for all service issues which will be treated with the urgency of a voice call. Of course, our customers are always welcome to our office to air their grievances or just to be in touch with us.